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ICON® i40 – Silver


ICON® i40 – Silver

Designed for comfort, the spacious seating arrangement ensures a pleasant ride for all passengers. Rear seats can be folded down to expand cargo space as needed.
The ICON® i40 is equipped with a high-performance electric motor, delivering smooth acceleration and reliable power for various uses, from daily commutes to leisurely drives.
Personalize your ICON® i40 with various customization options, including color choices and additional accessories, to suit your preferences and needs.

ICON® i40 – Silver

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ICON® i40 – Silver

ICON® i40 – Silver

Feature Description
Model ICON® i40
Type Street Legal Golf Cart
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty, 2 Year Battery Warranty
Battery 48-Volt AGM Batteries / 25-50 Mile Range
Charger On-Board Charger with 13 foot charging cable, Charging Indicator
Motor 5KW AC Motor
Wheels Aluminum Wheels
Brakes Four Wheel Disk Brakes and Electromagnetic Parking Brake System
Rear Seat Rear Flip Down Seat
Cup Holders 2 Cup Holders
USB Port USB Charging Port
Speedometer Digital Speedometer Gauge
Mirrors Side Mirrors
Canopy Extended Canopy Suntop with Grab Handles
Frame Tubular Powder Coated Steel Frame
Keys 2 Keys
Dimensions Overall Dimensions LxWxH: 108in x 49in x 72in
LSV (LOW SPEED VEHICLE) PACKAGE Fully Street Legal, Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO), 17 Digit VIN, Speed Up to 25MPH, Headlights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals & Horn, DOT Approved Windshield, Front & Rear DOT Seat Belts, Rear License Plate Holder, Reflectors


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Tigon Golf Carts proudly offers 0% vehicle financing on ICON® Golf Carts, making it easier than ever to own your dream golf cart. With flexible payment options and competitive rates, we ensure that upgrading your ICON® Golf Cart is not only exciting but also financially feasible for our customers, allowing you to hit the road in style without breaking the bank.

Financing charges may apply.

ICON® Golf Carts FAQ

Answer: ICON® offers a variety of models, including two-seaters, four-seaters, and six-seaters, as well as utility carts. Tigon Golf Carts can help you explore the different options and find the right model for your specific needs, whether for leisure or work.

Answer: Regular maintenance is key to keeping your ICON® Golf Cart in top condition. Tigon Golf Carts provides detailed maintenance guides and offers professional servicing to ensure your cart remains reliable and performs optimally.

Answer: Yes, ICON® Golf Carts are electric, making them an eco-friendly choice that reduces your carbon footprint. At Tigon Golf Carts, we are committed to promoting sustainable transportation solutions and can provide tips on maximizing the environmental benefits of your ICON® Golf Cart.

Answer: Tigon Golf Carts offers flexible financing options to make owning an ICON® Golf Cart more accessible. Our team can guide you through the available plans and help you choose the best financing solution for your budget.

Answer: You can visit your local Tigon Golf Carts to test drive various ICON® models and experience their features firsthand. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have during your visit.

Answer: Absolutely! Tigon Golf Carts specializes in custom welding and design, allowing you to personalize your ICON® Golf Cart to match your style and functional needs. From custom paint jobs to unique accessories, we can help create your dream cart.

Answer: ICON® Golf Carts typically come with a limited warranty covering various components. For specific details, Tigon Golf Carts offers comprehensive support and warranty information to help you understand the coverage and ensure your investment is protected.

Answer: ICON® Golf Carts stand out due to their superior build quality, advanced technology, and excellent value for money. Tigon Golf Carts provides a wide selection of ICON® models, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your requirements with unmatched customer service.

Answer: ICON® Golf Carts are high-quality, electric golf carts known for their durability, performance, and innovative features. At Tigon Golf Carts, we offer a range of ICON® models tailored to meet your specific needs, whether for golfing, neighborhood cruising, or commercial use.

Answer: ICON® Golf Carts are renowned for their robust performance, smooth ride, and energy efficiency. At Tigon Golf Carts, we ensure that each ICON® model meets high performance standards and can handle various terrains with ease.