Tigon Golf Carts

Diversity Staffing Report

Tigon Golf Carts is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the communities we serve and promotes equality and opportunity for all. This diversity staffing report provides an overview of our current workforce demographics, recruitment efforts, and diversity initiatives.

Workforce Demographics

Gender Diversity

  • Male: 53%
  • Female: 47%

Ethnic Diversity

  • White: 65%
  • Black or African American: 20%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 10%
  • Asian: 5%

Recruitment Efforts

Outreach Initiatives

Tigon Golf Carts actively engages in outreach initiatives to attract diverse candidates for employment opportunities. These initiatives include:

  • Participation in career fairs and networking events targeting underrepresented groups
  • Partnerships with diversity-focused organizations and professional associations
  • Recruitment advertising in publications and platforms that reach diverse audiences

Diversity Training for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers undergo diversity training to mitigate unconscious biases and promote fair and equitable hiring practices. This training emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in building a strong and innovative workforce.

Diversity Initiatives

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Tigon Golf Carts supports employee resource groups that provide networking, mentorship, and advocacy opportunities for employees from diverse backgrounds. Our ERGs include groups focused on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other dimensions of diversity.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

All employees participate in diversity and inclusion training to foster awareness, understanding, and respect for different perspectives and experiences. This training promotes a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect throughout the organization.

Supplier Diversity

Tigon Golf Carts actively seeks out and partners with diverse suppliers and vendors to promote diversity and inclusion in our supply chain. We prioritize working with suppliers who share our commitment to diversity and equitable business practices.


Tigon Golf Carts recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation, creativity, and business success. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce where every employee feels valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.

This diversity staffing report highlights Tigon Golf Carts’ ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in our workforce and beyond. We remain dedicated to fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated and valued as a fundamental driver of our continued growth and success.