Tigon Golf Carts


Tigon Golf Carts is a privately-owned company founded by Jared Stokes in 2017. As the founder and CEO, Jared Stokes has been instrumental in shaping the company’s vision, mission, and growth strategy through his dedication and hard work.

Founder’s Journey

Jared Stokes’s journey with Tigon Golf Carts began from the ground up, starting with a vision and a relentless drive to succeed. He poured years of effort into developing the company, overcoming challenges, and seizing opportunities along the way.

Founder’s Vision

Jared Stokes’s vision for Tigon Golf Carts revolves around providing innovative, high-quality golf carts that enhance the golfing experience for enthusiasts worldwide. With a passion for both golf and engineering, Jared Stokes established Tigon Golf Carts with the goal of revolutionizing the golf cart industry through cutting-edge technology and exceptional design.


Tigon Golf Carts has been fueled by Jared Stokes’s tireless dedication and perseverance, as he invested personal resources, time, and energy into building the company from the ground up. His hands-on approach and commitment to excellence have been the driving force behind Tigon Golf Carts’ success.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition to Jared Stokes’s personal investment, Tigon Golf Carts has formed strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the golf industry. These partnerships have provided valuable resources, expertise, and support to fuel the company’s growth and expansion.

Commitment to Growth

Jared Stokes’s unwavering commitment to Tigon Golf Carts’ growth and success continues to guide the company forward. With a solid foundation built on hard work, dedication, and visionary leadership, Tigon Golf Carts is poised for continued innovation and excellence in the golf cart market.