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Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 LITHIUM – Sky Blue


Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 – Sky Blue

Introducing the Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 in Sky Blue from Tigon Golf Carts, combining versatility and stylish performance.

This model features a vibrant Sky Blue finish that adds a touch of elegance on the golf course or in the neighborhood.

Designed for comfort and efficiency, the Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 offers spacious seating for up to four passengers, ample storage, and a powerful motor for a smooth and reliable ride.

Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 LITHIUM – Sky Blue

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  • Product Price: $9,995.00
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Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 LITHIUM – Sky Blue

Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2  – Sky Blue

Feature Category Details
Model Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 LITHIUM
Type Street Legal Golf Cart
Battery 48 Volt Lithium Battery
Sound System Built in Soundbar with Color Changing Lights
Mirrors Lighted Side Mirrors
Windshield Foldable Windshield with Air Vents
Display 9″ Touchscreen Display
Steering Wheel Adjustable Steering Wheel
Seating Luxury Seating
Armrests Foldable Armrests
Seat Belts 3 Point Seat Belts
Cup Holders Cup Holders
Storage Rear Storage Compartment
Lights LED Head and Tail Lights
Backup Camera Backup Camera
USB Charge Ports USB Charge Ports
Microphone Microphone
Glove Boxes Glove Boxes
DOT Features/Street Legal License plate mount: Included<br>Plate Light: DOT light for plate<br>17 digit VIN<br>Lights: LED head and tail lights with turn signals and brake lights<br>Windshield: DOT Windshield<br>Tires: DOT Approved tires<br>Speed: Reaches speeds up to 25 MPH<br>Horn: Included<br>Side mirrors: Included<br>Seat belts: Included



Review for Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 – Sky Blue

The Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 in Sky Blue, available at Tigon Golf Carts for $9,995, stands out as a top-tier option for those seeking a versatile and stylish golf cart. This model offers seating for four, making it perfect for small groups or families. Its sleek Sky Blue color gives it a modern and appealing look. Equipped with a powerful motor and durable battery, the D5 Ranger 2+2 ensures reliable performance and a smooth ride on various terrains. The cart’s ergonomic design and comfortable seating enhance the overall driving experience, while additional features such as ample storage space and advanced safety mechanisms add to its practicality. Overall, the Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 is a well-rounded and dependable choice for any golf cart enthusiast.

Comprehensive Review of Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 – Sky Blue

We invite you to provide a comprehensive review of the Evolution® D5 Ranger 2+2 in Sky Blue, priced at $9,995 by Tigon Golf Carts. If you have firsthand experience with this model, please share your thoughts on its performance, comfort, and overall functionality. Insights into its handling, battery life, and any unique features that stood out to you will be highly valuable. Your feedback helps other potential buyers make informed decisions and allows us to continually improve our offerings. Thank you for contributing your review and supporting our community of golf cart users!

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