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Evolution® Forester 6 PLUS LITHIUM – Flamenco Red


Evolution® Forester 6 PLUS

Enhancing usability, practical amenities such as ample storage compartments, cup holders, and optional upgrades like USB charging ports and weather enclosures are available.

As an electric vehicle, the Forester 6 PLUS operates with zero emissions, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint compared to gas-powered alternatives.

Engineered with high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, this cart ensures long-lasting durability and withstands demanding environments with ease.


Evolution® Forester 6 PLUS LITHIUM – Flamenco Red

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Evolution® Forester 6 PLUS LITHIUM – Flamenco Red

Evolution® Forester 6 PLUS LITHIUM

Feature Description
Model Evolution® Forester 6 PLUS LITHIUM
Type Fully street legal
VIN 17 digit VIN
Year 2023 BRAND NEW
Warranty 2 year warranty on cart, 5 year warranty on lithium battery
Premium Components Lux Steering Wheel, Exclusive PPG Paint, Dual speaker stereo with Bluetooth, Touchscreen Display with backup camera, USB port, Storage under rear seat/cooler, 6 cup holders, Odometer/speedometer
Lithium Power System 48V lithium battery – No maintenance EVER, Built-in lithium charger, Plugs into traditional house outlet, 6.3KW AC motor, 400 Amp Evolution AC controller, 25 mph top speed
DOT Features License plate mount, DOT light for plate, 17 digit VIN, LED head and tail lights with turn signals and brake lights, DOT Windshield, DOT Approved tires, Reaches speeds up to 25 MPH, Horn, Side mirrors, Seat belts


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